Thursday, May 31, 2018

Harry Potter?!

fantasy book review I have wonderful news book dragons! I FINALLY received my Hogwarts letter. After 20 years, I figured that my stubborn ass needs to enter the Wizarding World and read these damn books already!

I just started the second book, and if I'm being completely honest with myself, I LOVE them. Sigh. This is what I was worried about. I really don't need another fandom to become obsessed with, especially this late in the game folks. My wallet is already judging me as I have been scouring Etsy for merch. A candle company that I rep for on #bookstagram called @flickerwix is releasing a 20th anniversary special house edition box, full of amazing candles and other items (more info coming about the box tomorrow!) and it's already mine. Not to mention the fact that now, I need a new bookshelf to feature this series! Oh, first-world problems.

I am preparing myself physically and mentally for the sorting hat ceremony, which I plan to conduct this evening. I am leaning towards Hufflepuff because of my love for books and learning, but damn, do I dislike yellow. Not to mention the fact that a little ways into the 2nd book, I haven't met one cool Hufflepuff yet. Where you at Hufflepuffs?! fantasy book review

In all seriousness, I am falling in love with the Wizarding World the more that I read, and I am planning to fully immerse myself over the weekend. I will keep everyone updated with my ramblings and whatnot as I delve deeper into this series. I have never watched the movies, and I have tried to avoid spoilers for 20 years, 20 YEARS. It. Is. Time. Wish me luck as I take this roller coaster ride that quite possibly could be the end of life as I know it. Let me know your houses and your favorite merch companies in the comments!

<3 Morrighan

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