Thursday, May 29, 2014

Premonition Series

Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
By Amy Bartol
Book 1: Incendiary - Book 2: Inescapable - Book 3: Intuition - Book 4: Indebted

Evie got accepted to a great college with an academic scholarship. Go figure. She finds herself nervous and excited- the nightmare she has been having since she accepted has gotten stronger. There are other strange things she has been noticing about herself- her ability to heal instantly being an example. When Evie meets Reed on campus the first day at her new school, she feels drawn to him. But he isn't the only man to catch her attention. She also meets Russel, quarterback of the football team. Russel is safe, Reed is gorgeous, intelligent, sophisticated, and a complete asshole to her. How can he hate her so strongly without knowing her? She begins to suspect that Reed isn't human, and maybe she isn't so human either. But can she get answers out of him, or is he far too dangerous to take that chance?

So, you read that, right? Does this remind anyone of another book series, by chance? Total rewrite of Twilight but instead of vamps, these two are angels. Sigh. I really wanted to like this series. It was well researched historically, the world building was fairly good, the characters were even well rounded and had depth- but this voice in my head kept screaming that Reed should sparkle in the light. Evie is a passive character, new in town who encounters a dangerous non human that instantly acts like he hates her. The first book was a total let down for me. Although I cannot, under any circumstances, no matter how much I despise a book- give up on a series before finishing it, I did continue reading the remaining books and I have to say, Bartol did redeem herself.. eventually.
Keep reading and show me the spoilers...

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