Friday, May 30, 2014

Trylle Series

Rated 3.2 out of 5 stars
By Amanda Hocking
Book 1: Switched - Book 2: Torn - Book 3: Ascend

When Wendy was six years old, her mother was convinced that she was a monster sent to replace her real child, and tried to kill her. Ever since that day, Wendy never let herself get close to another person- she got in more fights than she could remember and got kicked out of every school on the East Coast. Her brother and aunt always assumed that she was traumatized by the events that took place with her mother, but what if it was more than that? What if her mother was right? The day Wendy meets Finn, a new boy at her latest school- she feels herself being drawn to another person for the first time in her life. But Finn isn't any ordinary boy from school. He reveals to her who he really is- a Trylle. Trylle are mythical trolls that live in guarded compound structures throughout the world. And Wendy is a changeling- a Trylle that took the place of a human baby when it was born. Now Finn wants Wendy to come home and learn about her Trylle heritage. Is she willing to give up her family and her life to learn who she really is and why she has always felt different?

I did enjoy the concept of this series, as the idea of trolls is original and not much explored in the urban fantasy genre. But I never really felt a true connection to any of the characters. The world building wasn't as good as it could have been, and the idea of these troll like creatures being beautiful and human looking threw me off. Wendy was a brat- throwing temper tantrums and getting into fights constantly. Wendy is meant to be a princess and eventually queen in the Trylle world, and yet everyone treats her as if she doesn't matter. The entire concept ended up being frustrating to me. Keep reading for spoilers...

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