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After the Fall - Clash of the Otherworlds Book 1

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 Stars
By Elle Casey - On Twitter: @ellecasey ; Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.
Clash of the Otherworlds Book 1, War of the Fae Book 5
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The setting opens up almost exactly where the final book of the War of the Fae Series ends. Ben and Jayne have just been bonded, to save the entire Fae race from the inevitable invasion of demons from the Otherworld. They are both powerful elementals, and together, they control all four of the elements; earth, fire, water, and air. It is only with them together, the Mother and Father, that the demons can be stopped, saving both the Fae race and the humans as well. The Light Fae and the Dark Fae are now living together, working together to help prevent the inevitable. The Gray is falling, and until they can find the tear between the worlds, demons will continue to enter the Earth plane. Jayne is now part of the Council that makes the decisions for all of the Fae, but she is still young and clueless. With the help of her friends, old ones and new Dark Fae that she never thought she could like, can she stop the demons before the world burns?

After the Fall began exactly where New World Order ended, which I was ridiculously excited about. I hated how the War of the Fae Series ended, with Ben and Jayne in a bonding ceremony- basically getting married. This book was kind of slower than the previous installments, with more "meetings" between the council than actual action. Tim, as always, is one of the funniest book characters that I have had the pleasure of reading. Now that his wife and baby are living with Jayne, the humor only intensifies. I found myself with tears rolling down my face when the baby pixie stuck pollen balls up Jayne's nose and she sneezed them out in front of everyone. The addition of Garrett- a vampire from the Underworld and Shayla- an angel of the Overworld was a welcome surprise as well. I am enjoying the new characters that were added in this series, but I'm hoping the next couple books have a lot more action than this one did. I have a feeling Ben is going to turn out to be a demon, trying to impregnate Jayne to fulfill the prophecy. And it looks like Spike and Jayne may end up together after all. Sigh. Chase was mentioned a few times, but no appearance of the Guardian Angel yet. All in all, this book was well written, the characters, as always Elle Casey, are fantabulous. I recommend reading the War of the Fae Series before diving into this one, as the characters are mostly the same and the plot line follows.

"The last thing I remembered thinking before my brain completely shut down was how difficult it was to breath through my nose when there was a naked pixie baby attached to it." -Jayne compliments of Elle Casey
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