Saturday, July 19, 2014

Star-Crossed Series

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
By Rachel Higginson - On Twitter: @Mywritesdntbite ;; Amazon
Book 1: Reckless Magic ~ 2: Hopeless Magic ~ 3: Fearless Magic ~ 4: Endless Magic

Eden has never been the typical 16 year old girl. Thrown out of two high schools in as many years, she is set to attend the snobby private school known as Kingsley. Is she looking forward to switching schools again? Absolutely not. Will she blow this school up or flood the halls like she has done in her prior ones? Probably. Eden has electricity running through her veins that she cannot explain, a power beneath her skin that, at times, pushes her to believe that she is crazy. Certifiably insane. Her parents are nonexistent and she was raised by her Aunt, a surgeon that is rarely home. Eden is completely alone with the knowledge that her own blood is dangerous to herself and everyone around her. On her first day at Kingsley, Eden meets Kiran, who seems like an arrogant snob. Sexy as hell, with a dangerous smile and eyes that twinkle with constant amusement at the awkwardness she feels in her own skin. Not to mention the fact that every time their bodies make the slightest contact, she passes out. Totally attractive. Despite Eden's pleas that Kiran leave her alone, that she wants nothing to do with him- he does the opposite. Her growing feelings for him, and the jealousy she feels when he is with others baffles her. Eden begins to realize that Kingsley students are different than the average teenagers as well. There is something about them- they are too perfect, too beautiful, but she just cannot put her finger on the difference. Until the principal, Amory Saint informs her that she is Immortal. There is a whole other world that Eden has been oblivious to, that she belongs in. And Kiran is at the heart of it all. He is the crowned prince of the Immortal world. And he is engaged to the most popular girl at school. Perfect. When Kiran's life is jeopardized by an attack on a school camping trip- Talbott, his royal bodyguard and Titan, and Lilly, Eden's best friend join in a fight for the Prince's life. But it is Eden who saves them all, by extracting the magic of the men trying to kill Kiran. Everyone is stunned that she has this power, but no one more than Eden herself. What is this magic inside of her, and why is it so powerful? Her best friend- Lilly, while fighting those men revealed that she was a shape-shifter. Shifters are banned from the magical community, and are absolutely not allowed to attend school- especially one that the crowned prince attends. Even though she was fighting for his life, she is thrown into prison by the King- a hateful man that rules like a tyrant on speed. And Avalon, a new boy at school is pursuing her with a vengeance. He seems to only be interested in friendship, but why else would he follow her around like a lost puppy? Can Eden sort through all of the problems in her life- saving her best friend from death, getting over Kiran and his impending engagement, figuring out her magic and how to use it, and finding a place for Avalon in her life?

I thoroughly enjoyed this series. It was magical, romantic with more than enough heartbreak, and once I set foot on the adventure with Eden and Kiran- it was hard to pull myself away. The characters were well written and I found myself falling in love with each and every one of them. There were twists that I couldn't wrap my head around at first, and I felt the characters losses as my own. This is a beautifully written series, although Eden can be excessively whiny and dramatic... a lot. Kiran is a beautifully written character, and the reader witnesses his progress from a spoiled prince to a selfless and broken man. Avalon remains the same, smart ass antagonizing character as he always is. The smaller characters also play a huge role in the series, I enjoyed that it's not just about Kiran and Eden's love but something larger than all of them. I don't want to give everything away because I feel every urban fantasy nerd owes it to themselves to read this series! :)

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