Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sweet Trilogy

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
By Wendy Higgins
Book 1: Sweet Evil - Book 2: Sweet Peril - Book 3: Sweet Reckoning

Anna Whitt has always known she was different- from her heightened five senses to the way that she can see the auras of everyone she meets. When she meets bad boy drummer, Kaidan Rowe, she knows that he is different as well. She can't see his aura, but who would want to? He's a complete jerk to her, refusing to answer her questions and laughing at her with his cocky demeanor. Anna reveals to her adoptive mother, Patti that she met someone else like her, and that is when Patti tells her everything. Anna is the only one of her kind, a half demon/half angel, part of the Nephilim race on Earth descended from Angels and Demons. And Kai is the spawn of the Demon of Lust, so why does Anna feel like she can trust him? Kai offers to take her on a cross country trip to meet her Demon father who has been in prison since she was born, and the nun that gave her up for adoption when her mother died in child birth. But can Anna keep her virtue and heart intact while dealing with a half demon of lust, or will she lose it all to have the chance to be with him just once?

Wow.. this series was great from the first page. I truly enjoyed it, even the cheese worthy romance between Kai and Anna. It was well written, with a totally different spin on the Nephilim world. When Anna and Kai meet, both of their worlds are torn apart because their demon fathers will never allow them to love, especially another Neph. They are meant to work towards their father's goals of seduction and corruption, never able to have a life for themselves. And when an Angel comes into Anna's life that tells of a prophecy of ridding the world of demons, Anna is convinced that she is the one to wield the Sword of Righteousness. With the help of her father- the Demon of substance abuse, the son of the Demon of Wrath- Kopano, the son of the Demon of Envy- Blake, the daughters of the Demon of Adultery- Marna and Ginger, and Kai- the man she is in love with: can she defeat the Demons on Earth so that the Nephilim can have a life free of their domination? Beautifully written, with a touch of humor and some crazy plot twists that you won't see coming!

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