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Mini-Review Monday: Soul Jumper

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fantasy book review Soul Jumper
By Dianne Bright
Series: Soul Reader Trilogy #2
Paperback: 233 pages
Publication Date: April 21, 2017
Publisher: Createspace / Self-published
My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ( 4 out of 5 Stars )

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Categories: Fantasy, Angels, Review Copy

She's been playing with bad blood. After discovering a world full of angels and demons, Jennifer Mills explains to her husband, Hunter, that Jadan is her guardian angel. She is a human: A rescue mission to save her dad and Jadan from the Dark Realm causes Jennifer to question her earthly identity. She tries to stay focused on her everyday tasks, but feels pulled toward her spiritual role even more. She is a half-angel: Jadan adds two mystical gems to Jennifer's growing collection from the Realm Beyond and helps her navigate the flying part of her training. He also reveals an intimate part of her past, creating an even stronger connection between them. Will she make the right choice? She is a trap: When Jadan is forced to leave the earthly realm, Zalia is sent to guard over Jennifer. A host of angels arrives on the beach, before a mysterious navy blue gem finds its way into Jennifer's house. Will she be able to let this one go, before it leads to her demise?
fantasy book reviews

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
Soul Jumper can be read as a standalone novel, and I picked up on the story line rather quickly. Jen is a half-angel who recently found out about her heritage, and is thrown into a battle between good and evil, as old as time. Her guardian angel, Jadan, is of course, gorgeous and sweet and thoughtful. All of the qualities a married woman does not want in a man as close to her as he is. She is falling in love with him, yet cannot make the decision to leave her husband and children. Can she accept her angel side, while remaining on Earth to live as a human?

"I'm not crazy, I pleaded, reaching for his hand. Try to imagine a world where this could be true! This is really happening to me. To us! Don't you mean, it's happening to us? Hunter barked. This affects me and the kids too."
I really liked this story. The characters were written well. My favorite being Jadan, of course. He is definitely everything I would want in my guardian angel!
"My wings closed up, as Jadan wiped tears from me cheeks with his rough-edged fingers. His touch comforted me in a way that words couldn't express."
The plot flowed well, although there were times when Jen's mind changed so quickly, I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on with her. The dreams / visions got confusing as well. I never knew when something was really happening, or just one of her visions. I did enjoy the story, and the use of the gems having different qualities was creative and fun. All in all, I would definitely be interested in reading the rest of the books in this series, and I look forward to the release of the final part of the trilogy. I can't wait to see what happens between Jen and Jadan! Thank you, Miss Bright for the opportunity to read your words. It is always an honor for an author to give me permission to enter their worlds and get to know their characters for a time. (:

Meet Dianne Bright
Dianne Bright obtained her BA in Spanish from Wheaton College and her MA in Spanish American Literature from San Diego State University. She has written for a variety of magazines and professional blogs, including Scholastic.

​ Dianne enjoys being a full-time writer and book reviewer. She lives in southern California with her husband, their children, dog, cat, and parrot. ​

Her upcoming projects include BLOOD TOWERS, a young adult fantasy/science fiction novel about core temperaments and the pharmaceutical industry, and a re-release of SOUL READER (Book #1 in her fantasy trilogy).

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fantasy book reviews


  1. Oh, man. That's gotta be tough. To have to choose between the creature that you are and your family? I'm so curious but at the same time, I'm a little wary of the love triangle.

    1. I really got into it, and the love triangle wasn't really the focus of the story so it wasn't horrible. (: