Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fever Series

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
By Karen Moning
Book 1: Darkfever - Book 2: Bloodfever - Book 3: Faefever - Book 4: Dreamfever - Book 5: Shadowfever

Mac's life is perfect- great friends, fun job, and a hellavu fashion sense. Until the day she gets a call that her sister was murdered while studying abroad in Ireland. A cryptic message from her sister and a need for vengeance drives her to travel to the city of her sister's death, Dublin. While there, Mac begins to notice strange things. Large portions of the city are blocked out, and she is having hallucinations of nonexistent creatures. Or is she? Terrified with no other place to go, she finds herself in a beautiful book store where she meets the elusive Barrons. He is sexy, mysterious, and a complete asshole. With Barron's help, Mac finds out that she is a sidhe-seer- with the gift to see the Fae World that most humans cannot. But this is no child's faerie tale, the Fae are more dangerous than she could have ever known, and now they know that she can see them. Can she stay alive in Dublin long enough to unravel the mystery of her sister's death, or will the Fae destroy her and her gift of sight?

This is hands down, one of my favorite series. The world building is amazing, Dublin is not a tourist town but a dangerous war zone. The characters are beautifully written and have more depth than most novels. Barrons is sexy, mysterious, and so jaded- V'lane is dangerous in a completely different way as he is a Seelie Prince with the power to seduce mortals- and the Shades, they are truly terrifying and unstoppable. Mac is a great character, although a bit whiny in the first book- I suppose if I found out I could see the Fae and they were murdering people in cold blood, I would be whiny too. The plot lines are thick and well crafted, it seemed this entire series was already written in Moning's head and she planned from the beginning for it to end the way that it did. Haunting, beautiful, and twisted.. definitely not recommended for anyone under the age of 16 due to sexual content that is just.. HOT. A must read for any urban fantasy fan!

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