Thursday, July 10, 2014

Penryn & the End of Days

4.2 out of 5 stars
By Susan Ee
Book 1: Angelfall ~ Book 2: World After ~ Book 3: TBR 2015

Penryn, the antagonist in this series is a 17 year old girl with more than the world on her shoulders. Her sister is paralyzed and is confined to a wheelchair permanently. Her mother is a paranoid schitzophrenic that caused her sister's condition; she is violent and suffers from delusions about the devil coming for her and her children. Penryn's father left a year earlier, and her life revolves around taking care of her family full time. And then there is the whole Apocalypse situation happening on Earth. Armies of angels have come to take over Earth, bringing with them earthquakes, tsunamis, and asteroids. The planet is completely destroyed, with humans either dead or struggling to survive. Food is scarce, gangs are rampant, and the angels want all humans dead. At least most angels do. Penryn meets Raffe, an angel who has had his wings cut off by his fellow angel buddies. Her sister gets kidnapped by the angels that removed his wings; now Raffe and Penryn are on a mission together- revenge and rescue, what could go wrong? Follow these two on their journey to save her little sister, and Raffe's wings through the wild of western America.

I completely enjoyed this series so far; it was a new take on angels that portrays them as not the white winged saviors, but the ones that we should all be in fear of. Raffe is a wonderfully written character with a corny sense of humor and more compassion than he knows what to do with. Penryn's character is backwards and socially awkward, but she can kick anyone's ass that bothers her. Definitely a twisted series and is worth a read. The third book is due out sometime in 2015, no release date has been announced yet..

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