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Opposition - Lux Book 5 by Jennifer Armentrout

lux series
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Rated 4.7 out of 5 Stars
By Jennifer Armentrout
Release Date: August 5, 2014

The final installment in The Lux Series. The scene opens up two days after the arrival of hundreds, if not thousands of Luxen. Daemon, Dawson and Dee make the ill fated decision to leave with them; leaving behind Katy, Archer, Beth and Luc. The hybrids and Origins are hiding out in a cabin in Colorado with no idea what is going on, or if they will ever see the Luxen again. It turns out Daedalus was right about everything; the Luxen wanted to invade Earth and there were enemy Luxen here willing to help them. Beth, who is three months pregnant, can't even get out of bed. Katy knows she needs supplies, prenatal vitamins and food that won't upset her stomach. Archer and Katy make the decision to go into the closest city and stock up on these things, and what an awful decision that turns out to be. As soon as they make it into the store, Luxen begin dropping from the sky attacking humans. There is something different about these Luxen though, they are assimilating DNA too fast, killing the human in the process. Something isn't right here. And Katy and Archer are caught in the middle of a massacre. That's when Katy feels him. She knows with all her heart that Daemon is here, and all rational thought flees. She is running through the store that is now being destroyed by enemy Luxen, dodging blasts from the source and burning humans. And she spots him, walks closer to him, and he disappears. Katy turns around to follow after him, only to find Dawson right behind her. He blasts her with a powerful burst of the source, and everything goes black.

Daemon's head is full of Luxen voices, swarming his brain and taking over his own thoughts. Everything they feel, he feels. Everything they need, he needs. Everything they want, he wants. But Daemon and Dawson are the only Luxen here that are not truly part of the hive. They still have their own thoughts and feelings, and it has something to do with being bonded to a human, because Dee is completely brainwashed. The real Dee no longer exists, and has been replaced by a bitchy, unfeeling, human killing look a like. Daemon cannot let anyone know that he is still himself, that he wants nothing more than to leave with his family and never see these Luxen again. He will be branded a traitor. With Katy now here, in the same house as all of these murdering Luxen, he has no idea what to do. He knows he has to play his part, but how can he let Katy think he doesn't love her anymore? It is for all of their safety, but it is the hardest thing he has ever done.

Katy wakes up to the Dee look a like staring at her, and she knows something is wrong immediately. Dee takes Katy into a room where there are a few Luxen sitting around, and Daemon is there. But his eyes are cold and hateful. He rejects her attempt to touch him and she knows she has lost him. The "head" alien admits that he has never seen a hybrid, and is curious about her. Great. Her anger unleashes, and items start flying across the room, startling the other Luxen into silence. Will they force her into helping them dominate the humans, and why are the Luxen taking the forms of important political figures? How will she get Daemon and the rest of her family back when there are thousands of enemies with a strategic attack plan?

Wow Mrs. Armentrout, this final book in one of my favorite series was filled with "on the edge of your seat", "wtf is going on" moments. The final war between humans and Luxen is filled with violence, brutality, and end of the world as we know it style fighting. I loved every. Single. Minute. The author managed to throw in a whole lot of humor, and I found myself laughing out loud more than once. Daemon is my favorite book boyfriend, and I fall in love with him over and over again throughout the book. There are steamy sex scenes, and cheesy (but not overly cheesy) romance all the way through to balance out the fighting and death. In the end, a few unexpected allies come to stand against the enemy Luxen; and that's really all the hints I'm giving. This book was wonderful, thank you Mrs. Armentrout for ending it almost perfectly! It's a bittersweet ending, and I would love to see another in the series someday.. :)

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