Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

First off, I want to thank Robin over at Where Books Lead Us for taking the time to nominate my blog! Thank you Robin (:

As with all awards, there are rules that come along with being nominated. This one is no exception. The rules are fairly simply though..

1.) Thank the blogger that nominated you, and link back to their blog in your post.

2.) Post the award's logo on your blog.

3.) Answer the ten question asked by the nominator.

4.) Nominate ten bloggers for the award.

5.) Ask your nominees ten questions.

**Ten questions asked by Robin..**

1.) What book has left a mark on you? (not literally!)

I think every book that I read leaves some sort of mark or impression on me. The Twilight Series left a huge mark on me, as it put me back into the mind frame to 'read everything in sight' again that I had lost throughout high school. I read a whole lot when I was younger, but had gotten away from it during my early teen years. Regardless of how much of a whiner Bella was, or how much of a creeper Edward turned out to be- Twilight did more for me than I care to admit! So thank you Miss Stephanie Myers (:

2.) If you had the chance to make a book into a movie, what book would you choose?

Well... really what you're asking is, 'What book do I want to completely ruin by cutting out all of the story line to only allow for the dramatic or exciting scenes'? lol If I could turn a book into a movie, as long as I was directing it... I would probably pick The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins. Sexy faeries are always something I could watch.. although it might turn into an NC17 movie..(:

3.) What are you currently reading?

Never Fade- The Darkest Minds Trilogy number 2 by Alexandra Bracken. My next book to read is Restraint- The Revelation Series book 2 by Randi Cooley Wilson. This wonderful author just gifted me the book because she's amazing! I cannot wait to review both of these books!

4.) What was the last movie you saw and loved?

Sigh. Me and movies have a hate/hate relationship. I am awful at watching anything- from movies to TV shows. I instantly fall asleep, regardless of how 'good' it is. The last movie I actually made it all the way through without passing out was The Blind Side and it ended up being pretty damn awesome! It was the story of Michael Ohor, the Baltimore Ravens (ugh) left tackle- his childhood with a drug addict mother living in the projects, never receiving an education.. it was a beautiful story and I recommend it to everyone! I recently purchased the book as well, and I fully intend to read it someday soon.

5.) Do you have a bookish Instagram? If so, are you currently participating in an October Bookish Pic A Day?

I do not have an Instagram. As soon as classes let up some and I have extra time that isn't devoted to school work, I intend to start one!

6.) What book are you most anticipating currently?

All of my most anticipated new releases are coming out on the same day: October 28, 2014 is going to be a 'spend all my money on books' kind of day! It's a toss up between Talon by Julie Kagawa, In the After Light by Alexandra Bracken - the final book in the Darkest Minds Trilogy, aaaand Stone Cold Touch - book 2 in the Dark Elements series by Jennifer Armentrout! All of these books are at the top of my TBR pile!

7.) What Book-To-Movie adaptation are you most eager to see?

Uh... I can't really think of anything I really want to see honestly. Maybe 50 Shades of Grey, although I have no idea how they're going to make it acceptable for movie theaters...(:

8.) What is the latest book you purchased?

I actually just spent almost $100 at half.com on 32 books! Yay! Most are books that I've already read but wanted a physical copy because I loved them so much. I bought all five of the Fever Series by Karen Moning, The remaining books that I didn't own in the Wicked Series by Melissa Marr, A Modern Faery's Tale by Holly Black, The Wings series by Aprilynne Pike, and books by Lauren Kate, Kelly Keaton, Maggie Stiefvater, Rachel Hawkins, and more. $93 for 32 books is amazing and I couldn't resist! I will probably make a post documenting my book haul when I receive them in the mail!!! (woohoo)

9.) Do you have any other hobbies?

I create artwork on occasion. Here are a few pictures of things that I've created. I own a small business called Threads of the Earth that I work on when I have spare time. I used to vend music festivals such as Bonnaroo and Wakarusa before I decided to get my ass an education!

I also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and sucking up nature!

10.) Are you on-track with your 2014 reading goal or not?

I am, in fact, I have already finished my goal of reading 100 books this year!

**The ten bloggers that I nominate are...(drum roll, please)**

1. Jules @ The Book of Jules
2. Miriam @ Mariam Mimi's Bookish Blog
3. Aneta @ The Graffiti On the Wall
4. Alyssa @ The Eater of Books
5. Saptarshi @ Read Write All the Time
6. Lynn @ 2 Girls & a Book
7. Anna @ Lost Brain Cell
8. Belle, Cass, Tia, & Ryann @ Fangirling Misses
9. Tanya @ Tanya's Imagination
10. Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books

**My Questions for my nominees..**

1. What is your favorite book ever? I know, this is a tough one!
2. What book are you most anticipating reading?
3. What is your favorite genre? Least favorite? Why?
4. What female character do you most relate with?
5. What male character would you most like to spend the day with?
6. What is your least favorite book you've ever had to review?
7. One of your favorite books that you feel deserves more attention and praise?
8. The most over hyped book you have read this year is..?
9. If you could live in one mythical world from a book, which would it be and why?
10. How many books do you physically own, either ebook or physical?

Again, thank you for this award nomination Robin! I look forward to reading all of my nominee's posts (:


  1. Oh my gosh, you used to vend music festivals?! (I loveeee music festivals.) And those outfits are amazing! I love the tree design! You have seriously got some talent, dang!

    I'm not really good at watching TV shows either, but I'm pretty good at watching movies. (I'm working on the 1001 Movies list). I just have to be careful because I've found if it's not a silent movie or a foreign one where I have to read the subtitles, I tend to get distracted. XDDD!

    Thanks so much for the nomination! I will get to this soon! :)

    1. I look forward to your answers Jules! Music festivals are a lot of fun, and thank you. I loved every minute of it, but there's soooo much work involved with it, and the profits aren't anywhere near worth it, sadly. lol I totally agree with you on movies.. I've never been able to watch them, even as a little kid. I usually end up reading with the sound of the TV as background noise! (:

  2. Wow you have some real talent! It would be so cool to vend at a music festivial.

    I am the exact opposite when it comes to movies! I hardly watch any! I prefer TV shows! I think I like the small bursts of shows than the anticipation of the next episode!

    1. Thank you girl! I had a lot of fun.. one of the best jobs ever haha I was totally going to nominate you, but I saw that you already did this tag (:

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NOMINATION!! I'm truly honored! I haven't done this kind of thing in a while, and they sure are a LOT of fun!! I will get my post going as soon as I can!! Thanks again!! : )

  4. OMG, I scrolled back up to read your post in more detail, and noticed that YOU are the creator of all that GORGEOUS artwork!! WOW. You really are talented, girl!!!! : )

    1. haha Thank you girl! I still do it in my spare time.. usually for myself or close friends. I'm working on a blanket/tapestry type thing right now for my bed- it has a pretty sweet celtic knot theme going on. I will definitely have to post a picture of it on here when it's finished so all my lovely readers can see it. Thank you so much again, and I am looking forward to reading your answers in your post (:

  5. Your threads of the earth stuff looks great!

    1. Thank you Tanya! I look forward to your post. (:

  6. Omg the dresses you made are so pretty !!!

    Congrats for the nomination ! :)

    1. Thank you lady! So happy to have made the connection with you.. I hope to stay in touch! (:

  7. WOW! Those are such pretty dresses! Lovely post, and congrats for getting nominated. :D

    1. Thank you so much Naban! So happy to make the connection with you, and I hope to keep in touch (:

  8. What a great way to get to know other blogs! Thanks for the nom!!!

    1. You're welcome! I look forward to reading your post (:

  9. This is fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog (I LOVE ANGELFALL). I followed back :)

    1. I'm glad you can admit to this. I'm totally with you. I read Twilight when I was 16 (and Bella was 16) and was just sucked into the story. Sure, the books have some problematic themes, but hey, they get people to read. Also, the romance at the core of the series is genuine.
    3. I'm reading Never Fade too! Super excited for In the Afterlight!!!
    4. Oh man, I bawled during The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock is brilliant in that movie.
    6. See #3. I was lucky enough to trade for an ARC of Talon. SUPER EXCITED to read it, although I'm like deathly afraid of a cliffhanger ending.
    7. Yeah, I'm totally going to watch that movie, ahahaha. #NoShame
    8. Lol. You're a legit book hoarder. (Me too...) ::Immediately goes to half.com::
    9. Wowowow.
    10. Congrats!

    1. Angelfall was seriously one of my favorite series ever and I cannot wait until the third one comes out!! Ya know, I constantly hear fellow bloggers bashing Twilight, but it honestly did so much for the reading world in general. It single handedly brought the paranormal genre back into the mass market of publishing.. which alone is a great feat! Not since Anne Rice had a paranormal book received so much praise, and it was honestly a great series. Ahh.. Never Fade is amazing. I have like fifty pages left to go and I know it's gonna end in a horrible cliffhanger, but In the After Light comes out in less than three weeks so I can definitely deal with it! I'm gonna try to finish it this evening if I can pull myself off the internet long enough! haha Thank you so much for the comment and the follow! It's awesome to connect with fellow bloggers, and I hope to stay in touch with you (:

  10. Yeppie!!! Thanks so much for the nomination! I'll try to get to my post as soon as I can! : )

    Also, I can't wait to hear your opinion on Restraint- I just got my review copy from Ms. Wilson three days ago and so far I am totally loving it! Plus, I am also really looking forward to reading Stone Cold Touch- I can't wait until it's finally released!

    1. I haven't even started Restraint yet dangit! I've got about fifty pages left of Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken, and I fully intend to finish it this evening (hehe) I'm looking forward to your post girl, I'll keep checking back on your blog (:

  11. That book haul sounds seriously epic!! And not to sound a like a broken record but your artwork is gorgeous! I wish I was that talented at my hobbies!

    1. I know! I'm soooo excited. I'm hoping they come today; my weekend full of homework will get a lot more exciting with a ton of new books! Thank you girl, I'm glad everyone enjoys my artwork. Maybe I'll start making bookish tees or something haha (:

  12. Wow, you really can't watch any movies or so? I find that really interesting! I usually love to watch movies and series, it's the perfect thing to do while ironing xD Even though I do admit if I am watching in bed I tend to fall asleep as well.

    You should show us some of your artwork on here as well! I would love to see more, or have a full post or something :)

    As for the 100 dollars haul... you go gurl!

    1. I honestly cannot watch anything lol TV is like a drug to me. I bought this fancy Smart TV with all the apps and stuff.. it gets turned on maybe once a week if I'm lucky lol

      I would love to create a post about my artwork sometime.. that's an awesome idea! I've made hundreds of items for people all over the country.. even a few bands and stuff. That is definitely something to think about! Thank you for the comment girl!

    I finally put up my post here: http://spraypaintedtunnels.blogspot.com/2014/10/another-blogging-miracle-sisterhood-of.html Thank you much much!

    1. haha It's totally ok lady! I understand people get busy.. especially with midterms right around the corner (ugh)! I'm gonna go check out your post now

  14. Hi, again! Well, I've finally put my Sisterhood post together, and will publish it around midnight! Sorry for the delay, but I've just had some posts that I was already committed to publishing, and had to take care of those. I've got six blogger nominees so far, and am looking for the rest. Some bloggers I've checked out have already been nominated, so of course I wasn't going to nominate them again! Lol.

    Anyway......I'll send you my post link tomorrow! Take care! : )

    1. Okay here's my link!


      Hope you enjoy my answers!! : )

    2. I totally understand lady! I will check it out now (: