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Haze - Rephaim Book 2 by Paula Weston (ARC)

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*This is an ARC from Tundra Books

Gaby used to be fairly normal; with a job at a library and a house she rented with her best friend, Maggie. Sure, her nights were filled with dreams of slaughtering monsters from hell. Definitely, she lost her twin brother in a horrible accident a year earlier. But her entire life twists upside down the night Rafa comes to town. Gaby finds out that everything she knows is wrong, everything she believes happened never actually did. Her memories of her previous life are gone, all 139 years of it. Gaby is a Rephaim, part of a group of half angels that hunt demons and The Fallen. Gaby is stuck between two groups of Rephaim, with no memory of which one she should owe allegiance to. The Outcasts are a group of Rephaim that left the sanctuary. Rafa and her brother, Jude- a part of this group that left had to have a reason for their rebellion. And why didn't Gaby go with them? And if she is still alive after they all thought she was dead, can Jude be alive too?

This book picked up exactly where Shadows ends. The sexual tension between Rafa and Gaby is palpable. I don't want to give any spoilers, but the ending was awful Ms. Weston. Sigh. The third book has already been published in Australia and I am tempted to see if I can purchase it out there somewhere. The cliffhanger at the end of this book is worse than any that I've read before. I have a feeling that Nathaniel is a traitor, working with the demons as well as the Rephaim. (Just a prediction) I really want to like Jason as well, but he has done nothing but lied and avoided telling the truth since the beginning of this series. My fingers are crossed for Maggie that he doesn't end up turning his back on his Rephaim cousins. This book kept me in suspense the entire way through, just like the first one. I hear there will be four in the series, so please write quickly Ms. Weston! I couldn't put this down, and I cannot wait until Shimmer comes out in the U.S.!

“I know things are messy with us, but do you really think I could just walk away from you?" This time he doesn't look away. "Do you really think I'd let you?” - Rafa and Gaby - Paula Weston

“You believe what he's saying - that they're demons?"
Simon nods.
"Like, from hell?'"
"No," Rafa says, "from Comic-Con." He shakes his head. "Yes, from hell.”
- Paula Weston

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