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Soulless by Amber Garr (ARC)

paranormal book reviews, book reviews
*This is an ARC from Hallowed Ink Press

paranormal book reviews, book reviews
*When it comes to death and love, only one is guaranteed..
Nora died over forty years ago. Instead of her death being the end, it was a new beginning. She was given the chance of a lifetime, literally. To become one of the elite Death Wardens. The Wardens escort newly dead souls to their place in the light. As always, there are two sides to everything; the Shadow Hunters try to sway the souls to the dark side. Nora's souls are becoming targets, and she realizes there is a power at force beyond anything she could have imagined. The balance between dark and light is precariously held in the hands of her shamanic powers, as well as her new ward, Jason. He is a healer, one with amazing powers that she has never seen before. But will he stay on the right side when the approaching battle is imminent? Nora's connection with him is instant, as is the attraction she feels for him. When she is forced to face her ex, Theron, now on the side of the Hunters, can she forget her feelings for him with the help of Jason and her friends?

paranormal book reviews, book reviews
This is a wonderful start to a new, promising series. Death Wardens is original, fast paced, and addicting. Nora is a well written protagonist; she's not whiny about everything wrong in her life, even though her heart was shattered by the man she is still in love with. Jason is a wonderful character.. I fell in love with him instantly. As far as love triangles go, the one between Nora, the jerk- Theron, and Jason is typical 'girl can't make up her mind' drama. I'm team Jason all the way. He's a sweetheart; sexy and confident, yet mysterious and powerful. The world building in this book is just alright in my opinion, and hopefully it will get more intricate with future books in this series. The only complaint I really have is that it was way too short for an introduction to a new series. I felt like I didn't have time to get to know the characters and the world before the final page. It was a great book though, and definitely worth a read for the urban fantasy junkie in all of us.. :)

paranormal book reviews, book reviews

"No one invites Death to a party. Luckily, I wore a disguise... and I wasn't Death, exactly. It's true I might linger around humans on their way out of this world, but I wasn't the one who decided their fate. I just had to explain it all." - Nora by Amber Garr

"I wasn't expecting a fight over this one, but any chance I get to wrestle with you is an experience worth treasuring. The glint in his eyes represented a threat, just as it did his longing for our past physical relationship." -Theron and Nora by Amber Garr

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