Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Elementalists by C. Sharp

Chloe's first day as a sophomore in high school couldn't have possibly gone any worse than it did. She makes an enemy of one of the most popular girls at school, her best friend wants nothing to do with her, and she gets struck with lightning. Wonderful. She gains instant attention as "the lightning girl", with a mixture of awe and avoidance from her peers. There are gaps in her memory, and strange pieces start to come to her in dreams. Something about a dragon, and an end of the world prophecy. With the help of her friends, the star quarterback- Ezra, the stoner- Stan, and the gorgeous surfer- Kiran, can Chloe put the pieces of the puzzle together in time to save the world? Or will ecological disaster wipe the humans from the planet, with the help of five terrifying dragons?

It took me a bit after reading this book to gather my thoughts. I was expecting a typical fantasy, demons and dragons taking over the world story. It turned out to be so much more. With the rippling undercurrents of global warming and the murder of our planet at our own hands, it truly was terrifying in a non-paranormal kind of way. Natural disasters are occurring all over the planet, while Chloe learns of an ancient prophecy that predicts the rise of five dragons. The dragons represent the Elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Lightning- or Spirit, and they will only awaken when the planet is dying at the hands of the humans. This book isn't your average paranormal read, it is well beyond that. It was well researched, with mythological creatures, (or so we all hope) and ancient Eastern prophecies. I was able to connect with the characters fairly easily; Chloe and Kiran balance each other perfectly. I'm sure everyone can also relate to Stan and Ezra, the jock and stoner friends. But most of all, Uktena is a powerfully written character. His age and wisdom seep through the pages, as does his hatred for the human race. It was a wonderful balance that was pulled off well. Thank you, Mr. Sharp for this wake up call book that I hope gathers a large following. I cannot wait to read the follow up in this series!

"Those were just the new, big, and sexy stories; there was no more mention of the chronic mudslides in Brazil, the ongoing toxic leak in the Gulf of Mexico, or the water riots that had consumed large swaths of Africa and Southern Asia. War and tragedy had become so common-place that after a week or so, no one bothered to talk about it any more. Someplace, far away from here, people are fighting and dying- the end... In other news: NATURE WANTS TO KILL YOU!"

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