Saturday, May 24, 2014

Covenant Series

Covenant Series by Jennifer Armentrout - Rated 4.6/5.0

Book 1: Half-Blood Book 2: Pure Book 3: Deity Book 4: Apollyon Book 5: Sentinel Book 4.5: Elixir

When Alex, a half-blood descendant of the Gods of Olympus falls in love with a pure blood, she didn't believe her life could get any more complicated. In her world, half-bloods and pures are forbidden to be together and she only has two possible outcomes in life: Become a sentinel to fight daemons and protect the pures, or go into servitude. The more Alex learns about her world, the less either of these choices seem acceptable. When Alex meets the first Apollyon, Seth, she immediately feels a connection to him. The Apollyon is the only half-blood that has the ability to control the elements and is stronger than all others. Is she the second Apollyon, fated to become the God killer? If so, the two Apollyons will be forced to wage a war against the Gods of Olympus for their freedom. Will the old rules prevail or can Alex and her friends change their future for the better? This series is well written with strong plot lines and in depth world building. Highly recommended!

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