Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wicked Lovely Series

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
By Melissa Marr
Book 1: Wicked Lovely - Book 2: Ink Exchange - Book 3: Fragile Eternity - Book 4: Radiant Shadows - Book 5: Darkest Mercy

Aislynn, a 17 year old who has always had the gift of "Sight" learns that playing by the rules isn't as easy as she always assumed it to be. Her Gran taught her all of her life to avoid the Fae, don't let them know that you can see them. She adhered to the rules until two powerful Fae began stalking her. Keenan, the Summer King and Donia, the Winter Girl are Court Faeries who are breaking all of the rules that Ash has lived by. Ash learns that their interest in her have nothing to do with her "Sight", but something far more sinister.

I ended up liking this series far more than I thought I would. The first two books are pretty slow, and I absolutely despise when different books in the same series switch POV. Other than that, the characters are well written. I found myself loving Keenan's character more with each installment in the series. Seth is the perfect man, far more perfect than he should be, but we have to remember he is being seen through Ash's POV and that is how she views him. I also enjoyed the fact that there are different Courts of Fae and that they, like humans, seem to be at war with each other for nothing but power and greed. If you find yourself reading the first two books and falling asleep, just remember that the last book kind of makes up for the slow start. :)

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