Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finals Week and JLA's New Release - Wicked

My final week of the Fall Semester! I am ridiculously stressed out and cramming almost non-stop. So wouldn't you know, I just realized yesterday that Miss Jennifer Armentrout's new book came out today. Are you freaking kidding me?! My favorite author, finally writing about faeries- my hands down, favorite sub-genre in urban fantasy / paranormal books. My grandparents were Celtic pagans, and I always used to feel really weird telling people this- but they raised me to believe in the fae. Instead of hearing the stories of Hansel & Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood as a child, I was told stories of the Tuatha de Danann and their crazy, sometimes brutal escapades! It was an interesting childhood, to say the least. I was raised in a really small town. Not just any small town though, horses and buggies were a way of life where I was born and raised. I had a pet pig- an honestly massive pig that I trained to follow me around like a dog. Now that you all have a picture of the sort of back-country town that I was raised in, a pagan child in that sort of elementary school setting is an unsettling situation. I didn't understand why being considered pagan was wrong, and I constantly voiced my beliefs to my peers. Most of the students were accepting, but it was the teachers that gave me the most problems. To make a long, sad story short- I ended up moving to another town to finish school. My brain is fried so I could be rambling at this point, but it feels good to think and talk about something that isn't studying right now everyone! But anyways.. I didn't used to let people know that I was pagan right away. My childhood taught me that most people aren't as open minded as my family is. College has began to reverse that belief here and there. I meet a lot of really accepting people, and it gives me hope that most people are just misinformed about the practice of paganism. There isn't a completely, solid definition of the religion because it's vastly unorganized with no doctrine. The basic outline is: the practice of any nature-based religion, the worship of the earth and all living things. I don't make it a habit to dance under a full moon, although I have. Do I believe in the devil? Ha.. Satan is from your religion, not mine. There are so many misconceptions about paganism and its beliefs, but if any of you are interested, there are tons of decent sites out there that explains it better than I could! Anyways.. so yea, after totally derailing from the point of my post- JLA has a brand new book out today called Wicked! I only know this, because I apparently signed up to do a stop on her book tour a while back. The company emailed me yesterday to remind me, thankfully! I bought a copy of it after my final class today, and I've gotten about 50 pages into it. Sigh. JLA writes male characters better than any other author I have ever read. I have already hopelessly fallen in love with Ren, the lead sexy male in Wicked. I won't give any more away about this book until my post tomorrow! Thank you everyone, for reading my pointless ramblings (: