Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 End of the Year Book Survey

I have been seeing this post all throughout the blogosphere about the 'End of the Year Book Survey' and I knew I just had to do this one! I am ridiculously excited as I love looking back throughout the year, refreshing my memory of the books that I've read and the ones that I am destined to read in the new year! This survey was created by a fellow blogger friend over at The Perpetual Page Turner. It is for all of the books read in 2014, not just books that were published in that year. With no further ado.. here we go... (:

Number of Books Read: 133 (as of 12/24)
Number of Rereads: 4 or 5, can't quite remember.
Most Read Genre: Paranormal, dystopian, urban fantasy; it's a tie!

1. Best book you read?
Ouch, I see this is starting out with the hardest questions first.. I hope. How about I choose one from each of my favorite genres? That may be a bit easier.
Dystopian: The entire Legend Series by Marie Lu. Love!
Paranormal: The first two books in the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. Phenomenal!
Urban Fantasy: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. So looking forward to the next in the series!
Romance: Stay With Me by J. Lynn
Adventure: The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater

2. Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn't?
Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. Although I didn't really care for her Hush, Hush series, I thought that her genre change into a thriller author would go well. It didn't. Ha..

3. Most surprising, good or bad, book read?
The Splintered Series by A.G. Howard. I am not a big fan of fairytale style retellings, but this series blew me away! It is so mad and twisted, I cannot freaking wait for the final book in this series releasing early 2015!

4. Book you recommended the most?
Probably The Raven Cycle books because they were my absolute favorite reads of the year!

5. Best Series You Started? Best Sequel? Best Series Ender?
Started: The Raven Cycle, again. Ha..
Sequel: Endless Knight by Kresley Cole - Arcana Chronicles 2.
Series Ender: Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout or City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare.

6. Favorite New Author?
I really enjoyed The Broken Ones series by Miss Jen Wylie. She is a wonderful writer and I found myself falling in love with her dystopian-style faerie world!

7. Favorite book from an 'out of your comfort zone' genre?
I rarely read a book that is solely romance, but J. Lynn's Wait For You series is phenomenally written. Her male characters are all perfect; swoon-worthy, pain in the ass, asshole men- my favorite kind! (:

8. Most unputdownable book?
Hmm. Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout. The final book in the Lux Series was perfect in every way! I couldn't wait to find out what happened on the next page. This was definitely a binge read for me!

9. Book most likely eligible for a re-read?
I rarely ever re-read a book. Maybe Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch, right before Ice Like Fire releases.

10. Favorite Cover? It definitely has to be Unhinged by A.G. Howard. Look at that gorgeous cover! I'm kicking myself in the ass for buying the ebook version of this book because, just, wow! The first book in this series, Splintered has an equally badass cover.

11. Most memorable character?
I am going to have to say Daemon from the Lux Series. He is still my number one book boyfriend of all time. His sarcasm and snark is unforgettable for sure. Sigh.

12. Most beautifully written book?
The entire Daughter of Smoke & Bone series. Laini Taylor is a masterful writer. Her world building skills are magickal to say the least.

13. Most thought provoking / life changing book?
Hmm. Well, I can't say that any one book changed my life. Can I say all of them? Books in general have changed my life, from how I spend my spare time to my college major! That's really my only answer for this question... (:

14. Book you can't believe you waited to read?
The Raven Cycle! I cannot believe this sat on my freaking TBR shelf for over two years!

15. Favorite quote?
“Wooo!’ he said, slamming his shot glass down and coughing a bit. ‘That’s good stuff.’ I agreed heartily. ‘Shall we do another one?’ I asked. ‘Oh no,’ Jesus said quietly, his eyes growing round. ‘This is one of those situations where I have to stop and ask myself, what would I do?” -Kevin Hearne, Iron Druid Chronicles

16. Shortest and longest book?
I don't really pay attention to page numbers. I remember City of Heavenly Fire being exceptionally long though..

17. Book that shocked you the most?
Julie Kagawa's Blood of Eden series. A quote from my review: "Another vampire series? Julie Kagawa laughs in the face of Twilight with this wonderfully written story. Blood of Eden is one of the best written worlds that I have ever read." I remember reading the synopsis and finding out it was a vampire series. To say the least, Kagawa shocked me with the way she portrayed vampires; shiny lovable cuddle bugs? Ha...

18. OTP (one true pairing) of the year?
There are so many. Evie and Death from Arcana Chronicles stands out to me.

19. Favorite non-romantic relationship?
Blue and Gansey.. although I really want it to be a romantic relationship, dammit!

20. Favorite book from a previously read author?
Jennifer Armentrout always blows me away. I fell in love with her Covenant Series, but Lux was wonderful as well. And then there's her Dark Elements series that is fantastic as well!

21. Best book you read on a recommendation?
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. Ghost stories are not my favorite, but this book was fantastic!

22. Latest fictional crush?
Gansey. Did I mention Gansey. Oh, and Gansey. (:

23. Best author debut?
I'm not really sure I read any debuts this year? None come to mind anyways..

24. Best world building?
World building is so important to me in a book. I love Maggie Stiefvater's world in The Raven Cycle. It is one of those worlds that when you pull yourself out of the story, you are disappointed to realize that you can't physically visit this world. It's almost heart breaking.

25. Book that made you smile?
The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. This series is funny as hell!

26. Book that made you cry?
I'm not a big crier when it comes to books. I remember Divinity by Michelle Johnson did make me cry, because, come on.. if you read the book, you would understand why!

27. Hidden gem?
Dang, all of them! Am I copping out of this question? Absolutely.

28. Book that crushed your soul?
LOL I can't say that any book really crushed my soul. Blue Lily, Lily Blue came close though.

29. Most unique read?
I'm going with the Splintered series by A.G. Howard. Her world was just so damn twisted and mad.. it was beautiful!

30. Book that pissed you off the most?
Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer Armentrout. Come on, Zayne is a total douche canoe and having to read about his relationship with Layla when Roth is perfect for her just pissed me off to no end.

1. New favorite book blog?
This is my first year blogging, so all of them are new to me! Each blogger that I follow has their own unique way of writing reviews and posts, I enjoy reading every one of them!

2. Favorite review you wrote?
My review for Blue Lily, Lily Blue was my favorite. I put a lot of time and thought into that one because I loved the book so much. It was a review written straight from the depths of my soul. Ha..

3. Best discussion/non review post you wrote?
Probably my Liebster Award Nomination post. It was a lot of fun answering those questions.

4. Best event you participated in?
I don't do a lot of scheduled events because of classes. I never know when a professor will spring a research paper or test on us, so I don't like to schedule anything that needs to be posted at a certain time. I write posts when I have the time, so mostly it's just reviews or me rambling.. (:

5. Best moment of blogging life?
When I was nominated for the Liebster Award or the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award!

6. Most popular post on your blog?
It was my 'Most Anticipated New Releases for 2015' post.

7. Post you wish got a little more love?
Hmm. I really don't have an answer to this one (:

8. Best bookish discovery?

9. Completed reading challenges?
I completed my goal of reading 100 books this year! Yay!

1. One Book You Didn't Get To in 2014 But Will Be Your Number 1 Priority in 2015?
The Percy Jackson series! I know, I know, I'm living under a rock!

2. Book you are most anticipating in 2015?

-The Raven Cycle 4 by Maggie Stiefvater (hell yes, I cannot wait for this one!!)
-Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole- the final book in the Arcana Chronicles.
-Snow Like Ashes 2 by Sara Raasch
-The Young Elites 2 by Marie Lu
-The Fae Chronicles 4 by Amelia Hutchins
-The Iron Fey 7 by Julie Kagawa

3. 2015 Debut you are most anticipating?
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

4. Series ending / sequel you are most anticipating?
Question 2 answers this one (:

5. One thing you hope to accomplish with your blog this year?
Reaching 500 followers would be pretty badass (:

And that's all for today folks..! Wow, that was an incredibly long post. I look forward to reading everyone's surveys for 2014. *hint hint*


  1. This is an amazing survey! I love this time of the year because I always look back to all the amazing books published and how far I've made it with my blog. Happy holidays :)

    Sofia @ SofiaLovesReading

    1. Yes! I totally agree Sofia. This is my first year blogging and I had a ton of fun looking back on all of the books I've read this year! I kind of found myself in a reading slump but hopefully the new year will pull me out of it. There are so many new releases that I cannot wait to read coming out in 2015. Here's to an amazing year of bookish fun (:

  2. I love this post so much. I was smiling so much when you mentioned, Daughter of Smoke and Bone for the most beautifully written book - I loooveeee Laini Taylor so much, her writing is stunning!! I need to read Julie Kagawa's Blood of Eden series - have I mentioned I love her writing, too?
    Awesome post, I think I'm going to do one like this soon :) - Cambrie

    1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is wonderful. Although I usually don't reread anything, I think that series deserves it and I fully intend to read it again sometime this year! Julie Kagawa is also one of my favorite writers. Iron Fey is such a great series, even the newer ones with Ethan. I can't wait to read more of her work in the new year!

  3. This is such a great post! I loved reading your answers and it's intrigued me into checking out a few new books, including the Arcana Chronicles :) remember I'll be picking you up on reading The Percy Jackson Series if you slack next year ahah

    1. You better! I am well known for my slacker tendencies.. haha! I really do hope you check out the Arcana Chronicles. If I remember correctly, the final book- Dead of Winter comes out this month, so you won't have to wait for cliffhangers! Thank you so much for your comment girl, I had a lot of fun looking back on the year while writing this post. (:

  4. I loved reading all of your series! The legend series is one of my most favorites as well, glad you like them as well :)

    Benish| Feminist Reflections

    1. Yes! I absolutely loved Marie Lu's writing style! Even her new series, The Young Elites is fantastic.. I am so looking forward to the second one coming out this year!

  5. Yes, I have been seeing this survey around! Congrats on meeting your reading goal and I hope you get there next year as well. And reading Percy Jackson is a must! Looking forward to knowing what you think of it. I am also really waiting on Red Queen as well, can't wait to try that. I went to buy The Raven Cycle but the book store only had the second and third book! :( I will have to wait it out a little longer till they restock...

    Check out my latest post:

    1. Awe, I absolutely cannot wait to hear your thoughts about the Raven Cycle! I'm so glad that I read it, although it put me into a really long reading slump. I know that I have found my favorite series ever, and anything that I read now will just seem not as great, ya know?! I am definitely going to read Percy Jackson this year, I promise! You are not the only blogger that tells me this is a must read! Thanks for stopping by girl, I hope your new year is filled with bloggish goodness (:

  6. Oh man! Your reading tastes are so different to mine and that is why I love reading your blog so much!! I haven't heard of a single book on this post but I still read it happily :D I think I'm going to have to read the Arcana Chronicles now that you've said your OTP has a girl named Evie in it :3 How could I not?? Could you give me a wee synopsis? What's it about?? I can't believe I haven't visited your blog much this month, but sadly I never had time to get to my bloglovin feed.. I missed it though :D It's definitely one of my favourites :3 Anyway, happy new year girl, GREAT POST :3 Love, Evie x

    1. Yes! The Arcana Chronicles are fantastic, and you have to read it for the name sake alone.. haha! I also love reading your blog; it pulls me out of my comfort zone and throws me into genres that I am so unfamiliar with. It's a wonderful feeling, so thank you Evie. The synopsis for it is basically: teenagers scattered throughout the world represent each of the 22 major arcana of a Tarot deck. The Priestess, The Moon, The Sun, Death.. etc. Their families raise them to murder the other Arcana. The last one standing at the end of the game is immortal until they are all reborn and a new game starts. It is a fascinating, wholly original plot line. Miss Cole writes it so well that it isn't awkward at all; everything just falls into place. I do hope you check it out sometime girl; it is definitely one of my favorite series of the year (:

  7. I loved the Legend series!! This is also my first year blogging. I started in November!

    1. Congrats Cynthia! I am gonna go on over and take a peek at your blog (:

  8. You're one of my favorite bloggers because you push me to read fantasy. Every time I come to your blog I find a fantasy read that I may be interested in. For example, I really need the Blood of Eden. I'm one of the few twilight lovers, so finding something better . . . hell yea! I also got The Raven Boys! That's actually my next read, so I know you're going to be so proud lmao. Keep it up girl, I need to visit your blog more I'm always popping up at random times !!

    1. Awe Tika, thank you so much! You totally made me blush and smile (:
      Yay for the Raven Boys. Dang, I'm so glad you took my advice. It is seriously my favorite series. Ever. The only downside of reading it is that it put me into an extended reading slump. I loved it so much that I felt anything I read after it just wouldn't live up to it! I absolutely cannot freaking wait to hear your thoughts on this one. I hope we can fangirl soon (:
      Here's to tons of bookish goodness in this new year girl. We totally need to set up a buddy read soon. I was talking to Olivia over at Olivia's Catastrophe about one as well. Definitely send me an email if you're interested girl! I would love to get as many blogger friends as possible. My email is elysianfieldsreviews at (:

    2. I'm about to email you now! I love doing buddy reads! Now is the task of figuring out what the hell we're going to read because you've literally read EVERYTHING in the fantasy genre lmao.